Monday, 2 March 2009

Odd or even?

Back onto the subject of biscornu, by the way the Valentine's one is now in the handbag, just in case I get a few minutes spare somewhere! Should the number of back stitches on each side of the biscornu be odd or even? So far all the ones I have done have had an even number of stitches. The Valentine's one has an odd number and so does one my Mum gave me by Polstitches Designs. With an even number of stitches positioning the corner a long the middle of the side is easy but with an odd number, well easy enough but is the whole thing not slightly out? Does it really matter as long as the sides have the same number of stitches? If anyone has an opinion please leave a comment.

Anyway, this is White Nights at the end of stitching yesterday.

I'm going to be true to the rotation, for now, so this week I am going to start the April Calendar from Mill Hill. With a bit of luck it will not take all week so I could have another short session on White Nights at the weekend, fingers crossed!


Anonymous said...

Great start to White nights. Looking forward to seeing the progress on April.

grannyanne said...

Hope there are lots of embellishments in the April picture

tintocktap said...

Personally, I don't know that it really matters whether it's an odd or even number of backstitches - the main thing is that both squares should have exactly the same number of stitches. However, my mathematical mind prefers the idea of an even number of stitches as you can then attach the corner of one square exactly to the centre of one side of the other. I'm not sure it would be quite the same with an odd number of stitches but the difference is probably so little as to be insignificant.

St Pete's is looking great!

Cindy F. said...

Great start Jen! I'm also trying to stick to my new rotation:)