Thursday, 19 March 2009

More frogs!

This time of the amphibian variety, I'm glad to say. Every morning I look out into the back garden from an upstairs window and for the past few days the pond has been like a Jacuzzi! So this evening I went to investigate, knowing exactly what I would find; and I was not wrong.
Frog spawn, and lots of it.

Here's hoping that all my frogs do stay in the pond, a phrase I found on the bottom of someone's blog, sorry don't remember who's. Especially this weekend as I want to get out and do some gardening 'cos they don't half make you jump when you come across them unexpectedly; and I thought frogs were supposed to do the jumping!


grannyanne said...

I hope they stay in the pond too but I bet they don't. The little ones are cute can't say I care for the big ones.

Yoyo said...

It ia nice to listen to frogs croaking in the evening, but you're right, the best place for 'em is in the pond.

Tammy said...

I love frogs-not of the stitching variety of course, when it means removing stitches, lol. But I do love to hear them and watch them. We have some in our yard that use our electric water fountain/pond as a jacuzzi!