Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Rotation change

This week it should be back to the St Nicholas Tree Skirt and 'The Red Santa' but instead I am going to start 'Simply Summer' from Waxing Moon Designs. Last autumn I did 'Simply Halloween'. This is what it looks like in real life.

The photograph provided on the chart shows the linen to be a purple/white colour. As you can see it is, in fact, very witches broth green! I found other designs in the 'Simply' series on their website and decided to to the four seasons.

Let me explain. A couple of years ago, for a Christmas present, my Mum got me the windowpane and some of the kits from the Mill Hill Simply Seasonal Windowpane 2006 series. I really liked the idea of changing the pictures every two months rather than having the whole lot on the wall at once. We have quite a few large pictures, and I quite like to see some empty space on the walls - I don't do clutter, as The Other Half will tell you. This is why I am doing the Mill Hill Calendar (2003 version, as did not like the 2008 one) and why I have got the seasonal arbors by The Drawn Thread and now this series from The Waxing Moon. At the moment the intention is to display them according to the season but I think that The Drawn Thread ones may find a permanent home somewhere, eventually.

So here is 'Simply Summer' ready to go.

What's even better, because these charts are considered 'old', my Mum found them in the bargain basket at The Nimble Thimble.


Flo said...

Lucky you. I'll look forward to seeing it grow although it will probably be finished shortly. I've just received some instructions from Janlynn. They are for a cross stitch I bought years ago and lost part of the paperwork. Must admit the Janlynn Customer Care really move fast. Good luck with your stitching. By the way how goes the SAL?

Cindy F. said...

Oh wow!! I love finding things I want to stitch in the bargain basket! Can't wait to see it started:)

Yoyo said...

Bargain baskets are such fun! As long as the chart is new to you and you're liking who cares how old it is. Your walls will be ever changing and always in style.