Friday, 6 March 2009

Hundreds & Thousands

What are the similarities between these

and these?

Hundreds & Thousands come in lots of nice colours, so do Mill Hill beads. When you knock them onto the floor they both go ALL OVER THE PLACE! as I found out to my cost last night. Now normally I do my sewing on the settee, and I know that if I rest the beads on the arm then they are likely to tip up so I always, always, always shut the lid on my trusty bead container. As mentioned in the post 'In car sewing' (26/01/09) this little box is brilliant at stopping spillages.

Last night I thought I'd be sociable and keep The Other Half company in the kitchen whilst he was 'creating'. Trusty bead box on the table, not too close to the edge, lid open. Don't ask me how I did it but I caught my trusty little box and sent the whole lot flying! No exaggeration they went everywhere! It took me an hour to pick them up and that included taking a short cut with a dust pan and brush. I even found some this morning.

As you can imagine progress on April was not as good as expected but I'm still hoping to finish it this weekend, fingers crossed.


grannyanne said...

I've done this, Mine flew up into tne air and my hair. A good excuse for not vacuuming for a while though!

Flo said...

I'm doing a Mill Hill design at the moment. My beads seems to have a mind of their own, they just seem to pop out when not expected. I'll probably have to comb the carpet in case I have dropped more than I think and don't have enough to finish my project - then there'd be bald bits. By the way I like your February Heart.