Tuesday, 17 March 2009

More done than it appears

Last night was another late night, well for me, that is. Not as late as on Sunday but I didn't have to frog most of my evening's efforts this time. I had set myself a goal and I wasn't going to bed until I had achieved it! The goal was to complete all the white cross stitch inside the small squares, I think only one of them actually had it's outline at the start of the evening.

You can just about make out the white stitches on the photo, or is that wishful thinking on my part? Tonight it's back onto the colours.

On a totally different topic the A Level coursework has started to come in; progress so far 1/75 marked (see post Off to a bad start if you are wondering what I am going on about).


Yoyo said...

It's good to set goals but don't let it get you run down, you need sleep too! St. P is looking really good.

grannyanne said...

Looking good. I agree with Yoyo don't overdo it. Enjoy your stitching