Thursday, 26 March 2009

Mandalas, SALs (Totally Useless) and Santa

When I got home today there was an email from my Mum and this was the attachment.

The Holland Mandala, finished. Then she tells me the last download arrived on Tuesday! Never mind my melting red pen her needle must be glowing. It looks great.

Today it's the new moon and time for a picture of my ort jar for the Totally Useless SAL. As I was taking it upstairs to photo The Other Half commented that there wasn't much in it! Mmm, I replied that I am very frugal with my orts. Especially as over here, Treasure Braid, hand dyed silk and all the other speciality floss that are used in Chatelaine designs, Waxing Moon Designs etc are VERY expensive. Very little DMC floss in this jar so far!

So here is my contribution to the Totally Useless SAL this month.

At the end of stitching tonight this is how 'The Red Santa' looks.

The picture does not show the metallic embellishments on his coat and I have to say that in the end I frogged all the French Knots except the ones in his eyes as I did not like them. There is quite a lot of couching to do but I am going to leave that until the whole thing is finished. So the next time this hits the rotation it's on to 'The Pale Blue Santa'. A sort of finish for this week or not?


Maren said...

Wow, I agree. Your mom has a speedy needle, but talk about beautiful! I'm absolutely envious!

I'd call the Santa a finish, with or without his French knots. :) He looks wonderful. I haven't seen an upclose of the Pale Blue Santa, so I'm eager to see his progress posts. And I LOVE your orts jar. That's a work of art unto itself.

Elfie said...

I'm totally impressed. I really popped in to see your TUSAL (love that container, btw) but as a Santa lover from way back I was smitten by your red Santa. He's gorgeous! When i come back next month I'll be looking for taht blue Santa too.

Yoyo said...

What a cool display you made of your Totally Useless Jar!!! I can't believe you've got the Red Santa done, your mother is not the only one with smoken needles. He is beautiful and really makes me yearn to see the blue one.

grannyanne said...

Your ort jar looked very fetching. Looking forward to seeing the blue santa.

Karin said...

My goodness - both you and your mom have been busy! Love the ort jar.

PaulineD said...

What a lovely TUSAL jar! Well done.