Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Off to a bad start

Well it started off badly and then got worse! Firstly when she was getting dressed this morning my Mum noticed that this gone wrong blister thing on her heel, got from wearing steel toe capped DM's at the place she and The Other Half call 'The Railway', had started to bleed. Then she noticed that there were drops of blood from this blister thing all over the floor! Then The Other Half got his shoes out of the wardrobe and proceded to walk coal dust and other black stuff (as said pair of shoes were last worn at, you've guessed it, 'The Railway'!) across the same carpet, which happens to be ivory in colour. So, still in her night stuff, Mum was in cleaning mode and all before 7.15 am. Well I think that this 'Railway' place is to blame and quite frankly, they should stay home and keep me company, especially since my sister went to the Big Cat Basket in the sky and I'm now an only one!

Whilst at work my Mum also realised that she has 75 pieces of A Level 'coursework', whatever that is, to mark before 15 May and none of it has been handed in yet, and they're going away for a few days over Easter and at May Bank Holiday. Needless to say they didn't ask if it was OK with me! However, The Other Half and me are thinking about going away for a few days on a 'Big Boy's Holiday' just to get out of the way, the week before the 15 May is looking good!

They also had a meeting at after work today about some 'online reporting system', don't ask me I'm only a cat. Anyway, I heard her tell The Other Half that it was supposed to make life easier and reduce workload, well guess what? She can't log on to the system!

So I am doing the Blog today as Mum is lying down in the Stash Room. This is a picture of something called The April Calendar

By the way my name is Stripey and if Stewey over at Spinster Stitcher's Blog can post, then so can I, but I think he's better at it than me and he's a dog! This is my photo. I am sitting on my favourite step but the photographer didn't get my best side!

Did I mention that as my Mum was fixing the breakfast this morning I chucked up all over the kitchen floor? I'm off to hide somewhere where they won't find me. The airing cupboard is probably the best place as I haven't hidden in there for ages!


Maisie Moonshine said...

It sounds like your mum has had a really rotten day, I hope she's recovered and isn't still having a lie down in the stash room.

grannyanne said...

I think you and Stewie should have a joint moan about your respective mums. They don't seem to give you both 100% of their time.